is a

and easy-to-use web
based time tracking tool.
Track and manage your
time for any number of
customers, projects and
tasks with its simple and
intuitive user interface.
Watch the timeduck Video
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Add your Clients and Tasks
Rename, Edit, Filter and set relations between Customers and Tasks!
Start and stop tracks easy!
Or set up Shortcuts for creating tracks with one click
Filter your tracked time!
Detailed filter options for a great view on your spended time
Reporting immediately!
Easy view of your records - in many different ways
More Features - more Apps
If you need more Features just install the needed apps from our store!
Settings for everybody
Adjust the date and time format or the hours of your work week!
Your Advantages
Timeduck is fair. Only 3€ per User. No strings attached. Really. Each new user gets one month for free - each new workspace gets three additional credits!
Timeduck is easy to use. You
create customers, projects, and tasks in
just a few simple steps and start tracking your time with a single mouse click.
Timeduck tracks your time. For privat
or business use, alone or in teams, with
one or more workspaces. Bill your customers,
track your budgeted time or use it as journal.
Timeduck is flexible. Choose from
dozens of existing apps. Use our API to
create your own apps within timeduck. And
customize the interface as you need.
Happy Users
»We started tracking time for our whole team in just a few minutes - that was astonishing! Thank you for such an easy online product!«
Alexander Ottmann
» works with the apps, so we could extend the features. We like the GPS app the most - great information there!«
Mathias Schindler
»Signup was very easy, paypal worked without any problems and I was productively using timeduck within two minutes! Great!«
Doris Grussmann
graphic designer,
»No installation,
start immediately
and chose from
dozens of apps!«
Timeduck likes security. We use encrypted SSL connections for everything. Relax, your data is safe.
Timeduck likes multiusers. Your user can be in different workspaces at the same time, for example for large projects.
Timeduck likes compatibility. You can export your data in CSV or XLS format to make local backups
Timeduck likes simplicity. Track and manage your time with a single mouse click. Don't think about tracking your time, just do it!
Timeduck likes flexibility. You can customize the user interface and rearrange the apps as you need on up to three desktops.
Timeduck likes apps. Your user can be in different workspaces at the same time, for example for large projects.
Timeduck likes developers. Use our API and online code editor to create your own apps. Offer them to other users for free or for a fee.
Timeduck likes platforms. There is no need to install local software. Track your time from any browser, smartphone or tablet device.
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